All About


Trained in both women-and menswear, Charlotte Kroon founded her brand in 2017 whilst pursuing her MA in Fashion Collection and Marketing at Istituto Marangoni Florence. Charlotte is born and raised in Luxembourg, has Dutch roots thus the name) and has lived in London, Florence and Paris, which all in their way have influenced her on a personal and on a professional level.

Naive Escape

Kroon has a very naive approach in terms of design aesthetic, using fashion as a form of escapism. The lightness and carefreeness unique to a child is a general feeling the designer tries to transmit with her collections. Always aiming to analyse and interpret concepts in a unique way by creating her own aesthetic language, making it as personal as possible. Nostalgia from a personal perspective, combined with contemporary elements are key ideas of the brand.



The brand's identity is based on the unconventional use of textile, the element the designer has the most fun with. The Kroon signature textile used is hessian, which is a highly eco-friendly and rarely used fabric in luxury fashion. The designer likes to play with ‘ugly’ or plain and basic fabric by manipulating them with hand painting, embroidery, and patchwork. For the SS18 Collection the childish aesthetic is used in figurative shapes as well as rough ’over the border ‘ painted stripes.


Where to buy


  • Kroon Online Shop  (right here) 
  • Pop up at Annex Rinascente Milano 6th-19th March 2018
  • LeBoard New York