All About


Trained in both women-and menswear, Charlotte Kroon founded her brand in 2017 whilst pursuing her MA in Fashion Collection and Marketing at Istituto Marangoni Florence. Charlotte is from Luxembourg and has previously worked at BOTTER, Acne Studios. Since September 2020 she has been working as a Designer at NYNNE as well her own brand KROON.


KROON refers to childhood, especially to its key characteristics which make childhood so enviable for a lot of adults, such as:

- the ability of expressing one’s inner nature regardless of outer codes- untamed and pure creativity

- a playful view on life which goes hand in hand with a certain form of unstoppable optimism

- a strong confidence in what one does / wears / says, partly due to the lack of knowledge concerning socially established dos and don’ts

Now, I think it is important to underline here that I do not see this form of childness with as something cute, adorable or something that is not to be taken seriously. Not taking things too seriously isn’t a reason not be taken seriously, on the contrary, it is one of the key aspects of subversive and transcendant creativity.

So, that is how I see KROON, as childhood taken seriously throughout adulthood. It is about embracing your true inner, creative self instead of walking in line.

Kroon intends to make dreams break through into reality instead of sedating people with a rigide reality.